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Our People

The executive officers and positions within Impreso are as follows:
Marshall D. Sorokwasz
Chief Executive Officer

Jeffery W. Boren

Todd Hartman
Vice President of Sales

Mark Sorokwasz
Vice President of Finance

Alan Kensek
Vice President and Controller

Mike Huizinga
Vice President of Production

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors elects the executive officers of Impreso annually:
Marshall D. Sorokwasz
Chairman of the Board

Ian Ratner
Jay W. Ungerman
Jeffery W. Boren
Mark Sorokwasz
Marshall D. Sorokwasz is one of the founders of Impreso and has been its Chief Executive Officer and a Director since its organization in 1976, Treasurer since 1992, and Chairman of the Board since 1996.
Jeffery W. Boren was promoted to President, March 2017. Before that he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing since March 1995. From March 1994 to March 1995, he was the National Sales Manager; prior to that, he held various sales positions within Impreso.
Todd Hartman was promoted to Vice President of Sales in March 2017. Prior to being VP of Sales he was the National Sales Manager.
Mark Sorokwasz was promoted to Vice President of Finance, March 2017. He is also President of Alexa Springs, Inc.

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Alexa Springs

Our newest wholly owned subsidiary is Alexa Springs, Inc. which bottles natural spring water in the Ouachita Mountains near Mount Ida, Arkansas and also in North Powder, Oregon. Alexa Springs, Inc. produces custom label bottled water distributed by TST/Impreso, Inc.

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